As a rule, we generally have retted flax straw available to purchase. Because of the length of the straw postage/courier can be expensive and if you are able to collect from us we recommend that - visits must be pre-arranged though.

We sell the flax straw in 'stooks' which generally weigh 1-1.5 kgs each. The stooks will have been dew retted and should offer a good, clean break.



Our Cotswold stooks are usually in stock, depending a little on the time of year but we do grow plenty.

Stooks are expensive to send unfortunately and we are able to supply a stook at £16 for a bundle of around 1.5kg but there will be a charge of £12 for sending a single stook. If more are required please ask as we will calculate the shipping on an ad hoc basis at cost.














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