Flax Plant (Linum Usitatissimum) - Growable, versatile, beautiful, sustainable and useful

Flax stems - provide natural fibre for linen - clothing - cordage - eco composites

Flaxseed (aka Linseed) - high omega 3 dietary/fibre foods, oils, resins, paints and a multitude of household and industrial uses

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We usually plant our flaxseed in April when all signs of frost have gone. It takes around 100 days before it's ready to harvest.


We can supply various size packs of flax seed for growing and these come with full instructions of how to plant and process.

Our flaxseed for growing is imported and certified for purity and vigour and we supply packs in the following sizes:starter pack to cover 3qm £5.00; gardeners pack to cover 10sqm £9.25; and growers pack to cover 100sqm £32.50. Full instructions included for growing spring-summer but can be bought anytime of the year - great for presents. Please note: not for consumption. Prices of seeds include postage.





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