Our flax canoes are built to harmonise with the environment the covering being made from renewable natural materials. Flax is one of our oldest crops. Fibre from the stems is prepared in such a way that it absorbs the resin which is made from the oil extracted from the seeds of flax/linseed plants.Technical developments in the biocomposite industry from two UK companies have introduced eco friendly based products with none of the drawbacks to the user or the environment as often associated with petrochemical based resins. Our experience with fabric covered craft and flax growing led us to develop light flexible canoes suited to sheltered waters, rivers and lakes - the 21st century evolution of skin on frame boats.



People ask how strong our boats are - the best way to show this is by asking you to take a look at:

Alistair puts one of our canoes through it's paces and raises money for charity.

Click on the picture to see the video of the trip.




Length 11ft6ins | Beam 28ins | Centre depth 11ins | Weight 12kgs - one person canoe kit

Open narrow canoe suitable for paddling as a kayak with a double paddle.


Length 12ft | Beam 30ins | Centre depth 11ins | Weight 13kgs

Open paddling canoe can either be single or double paddled. Flatter and slightly beamier.



ALIZEE - hulls covered in 95%+ flax - RIGA

READY BUILT BOATS OR KITS - contact us for prices - 07815 967951

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Kayaking and canoeing is a fantastic way of exploring and harmonising with the environment.

Traditionally such craft were covered with animal skins and latterly with tarred canvas and most recently petrochemical based technical fabrics.

Exciting new developments in natural fibres and resins have enabled the use of unique natural hull covering which increases the strength of the hull with minimum increase in weight.

New technologies in spinning and weaving have developed a flax fabric (linen) membrane to cover the frames. This fabric is then coated with a recently developed sustainable flax/linseed epoxidised resin which is cured with UV sunlight.

The frames (ribs) are cut from marine ply and the pre-cut stringers from sustainably sourced soft woods. Computer cut parts fit together without the need for any further cutting or the need of building jigs - a saving of both timber and expense.

The pre-marked stringers will slot into the frames then glued and pinned or alternatively tied with twine (the same method as used in Inuit boat building).





“harmonizing with nature”

Flax Fibre Clad Boats


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