In the early stages of working with our flax we quickly found that we needed machinery which would break, scutch and hackle good amounts of flax straw relatively quickly. Simon is a great designer and maker of tooling and the Farm Factory Unit came into being to enable us to work the flax at shows/talks and workshops without having too many tools with us.

As well as the Farm Factory Unit - FFU for short; Simon has designed many of the wooden/metal tools which we use and sell at flaxland. We supply our tools throughout the UK as well as abroad.


ffu1 ffu2 ffu3
An oak base; trestle stand; hackling unit; seed for 100sqm; stook; distaff; distaff holder; starter fibre; two drop spindles; ppe googles/mask/gloves; scutching blade and instructions - everything for the serious grower of flax - £395.00 + delivery at £55.00













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